Product and design

Product and design


To design, create and supply value products, which are safe to use, whilst minimising environmental impact.

Production and operations

Production and operations


To continue reducing our environmental impact through efficient and effective process design, production and operational sustainability.

Our people

Our people


To create an environment where people want to work and are able to give their best.

Community and society

Community and society


Ensuring that McBride’s products and operations benefit our people, local communities and wider society.

Employee highlights
Sustainability highlights

of waste generated is recycled, reused and recovered


reduction in water usage

Compacted products cut emissions and reduce packaging

Cruelty free international certified products in our portfolio

Small plastic beads eliminated from our products since 2015

Energy consumption reduced by 2.6%

Active participation in A.I.S.E initiatives

Committed to the support of Sustainable Palm Oil
Licence number 4-0493-14-100-00


As Europe's leading supplier of private label household products, we are particularly sensitive to the effect that all our stakeholders have on our environment. As a result, the Group is committed to minimising the environmental impact of its operations and achieving a long-term and sustainable business.

We endeavour to comply with and surpass all relevant legislative requirements and industry standards and use the best practicable means to continually improve our environmental performance.

This is supported by comprehensive internal environmental management systems, the use of key performance indicators and achieving external environmental accreditation for our operations. Twelve sites now hold the ISO 14001 accreditation and we are working towards accreditation for all our remaining manufacturing sites.

We are finding new ways to reduce our carbon emissions, energy and water consumption and waste. For example, we've introduced solar panels and we are producing more concentrated products and products in single dosage format to minimise waste, we are producing phosphate-free laundry and machine dishwashing formulations and aerosols based on nitrogen to reduce our environmental impact.

We were the first company to achieve Charter status by AISE (the International Association for Soaps, Detergents and Maintenance Products).

We choose suppliers on the basis of their environmental credentials as well as their prices. We educate and motivate our own people to reduce our carbon footprint. And we recognise that we are on a journey, innovating more and more as we grow.

Incorporate Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) in our packaging

To show responsibility and to increase recycling rates. We have achieved full technical feasibility to produce our plastic packaging with 50% rPET and rPE across our chosen locations to support the circular economy. We are producing many products for our customers today that contain recycled PET and PE at 50%.

Our route to fully recyclable packaging

We identified that multi-layered plastic in our doypacks was impossible to recycle. In order to improve the sustainability profile of this product, we have developed the first mono-material doypack. This will improve recycling rates of these products across the countries we operate in. This was introduced in January 2019 and is made entirely from one fully recyclable material (polyethylene). This product received the Tesco Award for Innovation in March 2019.

‘Right’ weight of our packaging

Targeting the lowest weight possible, whilst preserving packaging functionality using our computer simulation technology and industrialisation procedures during the development. We are using the latest design and performance prediction technologies that allows us to produce some of the lightest bottles in the markets in which we operate, without compromising on functionality and packaging performance.

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